Here I will be adding links to download templates that, somehow, I’ve managed to put in order.


This template is based on the layout of a book I wrote in 2016, but has been updated to take advantage of the new features included in LibreOffice 6.1

Important note: this template only works in LibreOffice 6.1 or later, it can not be used in previous versions.

It also depends on several particular typefaces. Everything is explained in the “user manual.”

To obtain the template, you must download the following PDF file:


The PDF file is not only the “user’s manual” of the template, but also includes the template as an attachment on its first page.

As you can see from the screenshot, the template can be downloaded by clicking on the “pin” that appears at the end of the first page. It can also be downloaded by selecting (at least in Okular) the “revisions” option.

For Linux+gnome users: If you have problems downloading the template from evince, try using pdftk directly from the command line

pdftk dae-16-howto_template-en.pdf unpack_files

The template makes an intensive use of OpenType and applies the new option of “two line headings.”

Includes a highly personalized Table of Contents.

The template offers a toolbar to simplify the application of the different styles, both paragraph and character styles, as well as a style of numbered list “aligned to the right.”

This template does not offer appendices or “parts.”

Everything you need to know to use the template is in its “user manual”!

This template is also available in Spanish and Italian

Download it now!! 😉