LyX, The Other Way of Writing

NOTE (June 2022): a new edition of the book is in preparation (no date yet), which will cover version 2.4 of the program.

IMPORTANT: the 2018 edition is no longer available!

Under construction

This is the home page of a personal project: a CC book on how to properly use LATEX, XƎTEX, and OpenType in LYX.

The book is a translation of a book I wrote in Spanish.

LYX, The Other Way of Writing explores how to use LYX to get the most out of LATEX, XƎTEX, and OpenType, presenting the tools and methods to get a perfect PDF with our work, with all the beauty that only this system can provide.

The new edition of the book (2022?, 2023?) is much more than an update: the content has been completely restructured, many errors have been corrected, the writing style changed (I hope for the better), new sections have been added and old ones extended… I will continue to report.

Bellow you’ll find a quick summary (the complete table of contents is more than 6 pages long) of the general structure (as of today) of the new edition (to be published someday) of what will be the new book:

  • The foundations
    • General introduction
    • Introduction to the base system
    • Introduction to the program
  • Base configuration
    • The user interface
    • Building documents
  • Beyond the basic settings
    • Commands
    • Typography
    • Footnotes and endnotes
    • Modules, local format and math macros
    • Numbered lists
    • TOC and other indexes
    • Headings
    • Page styles
    • Floats
    • Drop caps
    • Extra
  • Appendixes
    • About typefaces
    • Local format
    • Preamble
    • More information about this book


  • When will the new edition be available?
    • No idea. Not only does the project have to release version 2.4 first, I have to finish writing and proofreading and editing and revamping screenshots and all that. Tentatively, end of 2022, but don’t take it as a promise, it could very well be the first half of 2023. Hopefully.
  • If I already have the 2018 edition, is it worth re-reading the new edition?
    • Yes, absolutely. Not only have many errors been corrected, but also new sections have been added and many of the old ones have been extended. The book is now better written, more readable, more beautiful (which is also important) and in general the content has improved a lot.
  • Will there be a printed edition?
    • Short answer: no. Long answer: it’s too much work for nothing, so no.
  • Will it be possible to download the original file in addition to the PDF?
    • No, only the PDF will be available.
  • ebook?
    • No, sorry, I don’t have the strength for such an effort. Besides, did you know that ebook readers can also read PDFs?
  • What happened with the 2018 edition?
    • I have removed it from the site. Not only is it outdated, it actually has several errors that are not worth correcting now that the new edition is almost ready.
  • What’s on the cover?
    • An adapted and exaggeratedly oversimplified version of the Doors of Durin.
  • How many versions are there?