Writer + XeTeX? TeXMaths!

Anyone that ever tried Math, the equation editor on LibreOffice, knows that it’s, at best, limited, and at worst, hopelessly limited. But while we, common mortals, wait for the hero that rewrites Math from scratch, there is still hope for getting perfect mathematical expressions on Writer (or Draw, or Impress):


This extension for LibreOffice is an editor that takes a LATEX expression, compiles it and creates a SVG picture that can be included on any document. Since version 0.46 it also support XƎTEX and unicode-math, so it’s also possible to choose the mathematical font!

The extension also provides macros for equation numbering.

Of course, the extension needs a working LATEX distribution like TeXLive or, if you are on the dark side of the OS Wars, MikTeX. Just be sure that dvisvgm package is also available, and that’s a recent version: you need at least TeXLive 2017 or similar.

When installed, a new toolbar is added. You need to click on the wrench/spanner (choose your side of the Atlantic) to set it up, indicating the path to the binaries. If you don’t mind the Spanish screenshots (I’m feeling lazy these days… let’s say that it’s a way to show that the extension has been localized on several languages):

It’s in Options tab where you can choose to use XƎTEX

Now you just need to launch the application, edit the preamble

write your expression

and enjoy!

That’s it. I’ll let the reader play with the numbered equations and all the other options this awesome extension offers.